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Obtain Spanish citizenship through “Grandchildren Law”👴🏻🇪🇸 

How to obtain Spanish citizenship through “Grandchildren Law” 2022?🤷‍♂️🇪🇸

Spain’s Grandchildren Law of or Law of Democratic Memory has finally been approved after a long time. This allows descendants of Spaniards to obtain Spanish citizenship directly, without having to reside in Spain for any minimum period of time! 

In this post, we’ll you everything you need to know about Spain’s Grandchildren Law and how you’d be able to get your Spanish passport.

First of all, what is citizenship by option?🤔

Spain’s Grandchildren Law provides a way of obtaining Spanish citizenship by option thus allowing descendants of Spaniards to obtain citizenship directly due to their link with Spain.

👉 Law of Democratic Memory

The “Law of Democratic Memory”, also popularly known as the “Grandchildren Law”, was approved by the Spanish Parliament in July 2022 and came into force last October 21. This law aims to recognize and repair Spain’s role in the Civil War and recognizes access to Spanish citizenship to children or grandchildren of Spaniards who meet certain requirements. 

⚠️It is important for you to know that not all descendants of Spaniards can access Spanish passports. You must first make sure that you meet the requirements.

Eligibility to apply for citizenship under the Spain Grandchildren Law ✔️

The law contemplates the following scenarios:

1️⃣ Sons and daughters or grandsons/granddaughters of exiles.

Sons or daughters (grandsons or granddaughters) born outside Spain of a Spanish father, mother, or grandparents who were exiled and left Spain for political, ideological, or religious reasons or for reasons of sexual orientation and identity; and who, due to such exile, lost or renounced their Spanish citizenship.

Their children or grandchildren may apply for nationality under Article 20 of the Civil Code.

2️⃣ Sons and daughters born abroad of Spanish women who lost their citizenship.

Sons and daughters of Spanish citizens, that lost their citizenship by marrying foreigners before the 1978 Spanish constitution was approved.

3️⃣ Sons and daughters of those Spaniards whose citizenship of origin was recognized by virtue of the right of option in accordance with the provisions of “Ley de Memoria Histórica” or this new Grandchildren Law.

  • Spanish citizenship to Volunteers of the International Brigades

The Grandchildren Law also benefits international volunteers who fought in the International Brigades during the Civil War. Now, their children and grandchildren will be able to apply for Spanish citizenship without renouncing their country of origin.

Deadlines ⏰

In all cases, this declaration must be formalized within two years from the entry into force of the law. At the end of this period, it’s foreseen that the Council of Ministers may agree to extend it for one year.

Start the process! 🚀

The process of applying for a Spanish passport may vary depending on the country you are in. Here is some general information on how to start the process to get your Spanish citizenship.

📍If you reside in Spain. To apply for Spanish citizenship, you’ll need to carry out the process at the Civil Registry. 

📍 If you’re abroad, you’ll have to apply from the Spanish consulate of the country you live in.

Documents 📑

In any case, you’ll need to submit:

– Your original birth certificate or authenticated copy (duly apostilled) along with your passport.

– Marriage (or divorce) certificate, (if applicable).

Additionally and depending on your case, you’ll have to submit: 

– Original and copy of the birth certificate of the parent(s) with Spanish citizenship.

– Birth certificate of the applicant’s grandfather or grandmother, who were originally Spanish.

– Original and copy of the literal and apostilled birth certificate of the parent(s) who do not have Spanish citizenship. (no more than 12 months since its issuance)

– For marriages formalized between August 5, 1954 and December 28, 1978, both included, documentation must also be provided that accredits the acquisition by the mother of the husband’s nationality and a document accrediting the foreign legislation on the acquisition of nationality by marriage in force on the date on which the marriage took place. These two documents will not be necessary in the case of marriages formalized before August 5, 1954.

– Accreditation of the exile status of the father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.

The condition of exile will be presumed with respect to all Spaniards who left Spain between July 18, 1936 and December 31, 1955. In these cases, you must accredit the exit of the Spanish territory by means of any of the documents listed in this point.

The condition of exile must be accredited when the exit of Spain had taken place between January 1, 1956 and December 28, 1978.

** Note that each consulate may always ask for additional documents. We recommend getting in contact with them directly in order to verify their requirements.


As the law has been just approved, we are still missing information on the procedure and other possible ways of being able to submit the documents (if it will be done online for example).

Keep tuned for further updates on the matter! If in the meantime, you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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