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About us.-

Why Luxton Legal?

Who we are?

Luxton Legal is a digitally native law firm specialized in Real Estate investment in Spain.

Based in Madrid, we are proud to offer services throughout Spain. Wherever you need it, we’ll be there.

Our team consists of young lawyers (registered in Madrid & Barcelona) taking a different approach to traditional legal service. 

As a result, we count with years of experience in areas such as Real Estate Law, Urban Planning, as well as in other areas such as Business Law and Immigration Law.

We take pride in offering guidance to people and businesses as they make important decisions (either in their life or businesses).

camila luxton

Luxton Legal was founded in 2021 by Camila Brodersen, salvadorean-german lawyer 44.453 registered in Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). After living in Spain for +10 years, she has years of experience in corporate, real estate law & foreign investment in Spain. 

antonio luxton legal

Antonio Torres Valdés is a Spanish lawyer registered in in the Madrid Bar Association (98.139 ICAM). He has over 8 years of experience in real estate law, urban planning & foreign investment in Spain. Over the years, he has represented both buyers and sellers in transactions involving properties in Spain.

foto alina

Alina Berrios Suncin is our Immigration expert. Born in El Salvador, she has been residing in Spain for over 15 years. Alina studied Law at the University of Navarra. Afterwards, she completed the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession in Granada and pursued her specialization in Immigration Law with the Master’s Degree in Immigration Law at the University of Granada. Currently, she is registered as a practicing lawyer in the Bar Association of Granada (8.001 ICAGR). Alina offers her services to all those who need her assistance with any kind of immigration matter within Spain.

Creativity, understanding and service are the three pillars of our approach to providing legal services. We specialize in Real Estate law but don’t just advise, we work with you from start to finish. Our team will help you make valuable decisions because we understand your goals.

Sectors in which we operate

Property acquisition & Conveyancing

Real Estate consultancy

Corporate Law

Immigration Law

Tax consultancy

Intellectual Property

Our mission

At Luxton Legal, we are committed to helping our clients invest in real estate with confidence. We provide expert legal guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

Our aim is to assist and advise ex-pats planning their relocation or investments in Spain, guiding them through all the legal and administrative requirements in each field of action, in a swift and effective manner.


We are a digitally focused law firm committed to providing exceptional legal services in an efficient and streamlined manner. We harness the power of technology to enhance our processes, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Through strategic integration of technology, we optimize our workflows and minimize administrative burdens. Our commitment to utilizing innovative solutions allows us to handle documentation securely, facilitate seamless financial transactions, and effectively manage our operations.



Luxton's core values


BASED ON TRUST. Trust is the foundation of the client-attorney relationship. We are responsive and accessible, willing to work hard to earn our clients’ loyalty. 

CLIENT-ORIENTED. Our clients are the center of our profession. As simple as that. We strive to deliver excellent service, always directed at our client’s specific and unique needs. No service is the same, as no client is the same.

COMMITTED to delivering exceptional services while respecting each other and supporting our people. We are committed to acting with integrity, ethics, doing things right, and doing the right thing.

HONEST & TRANSPARENT. Our presentation card: Always communicating all the sides of the story, the good & the not so good, the timings, anticipated costs, likelihood of success on a particular matter, and what to expect from us through the process. We want our clients and our team to make decisions as a result of open discussions, and effective communication.


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