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Digital nomads Spain


Looking to work remotely from Spain as a non-EU citizen? You may be eligible for the digital nomad visa!

For those who wish to work remotely while enjoying the Spanish lifestyle, a digital nomad visa could be the perfect solution.

Digital Nomads Spain: What do you need to start?

– Must be over 18 years.

– No criminal record in Spain or in countries resided in for past 2 years.

– Have valid health insurance from authorized company.

– Have sufficient financial resources for self and family during residency in Spain.

💸💸 2,646 € / month for the main applicant. (equivalent to 2x the minimum wage in Spain of 1,134 € in 14 payments).

– Have a Graduate or Postgraduate degree or Professional Formation from recognized schools.

– Alternatively, have over 3 years of relevant work experience.

– The company or group of companies that you work with must have a real and continuous activity for at least one year.

– Provide documentation proving that your employment or professional relationship can be carried out remotely.

– If you have an employment relationship, you must prove that you have been working with the company located outside of Spain for at least the last three months. 

– If you have a professional relationship, you must show that you have a business relationship with one or more companies located outside of Spain for at least the last three months. 

It’s important to note that the rules differ for employed and self-employed: 

 Employed workers can only work for companies based outside of Spain, whereas self-employed can work remotely for companies located outside or within Spain. However, the work offered to companies located in Spain cannot be more than 20% of the total professional activity.

Visa & Residency authorization


– From the Spanish consulate at your country of origin

– The digital nomads visa will have a duration of maximum one year. During this period, you’ll be able to work from Spain remotely for your foreign company. 

– Once you are in Spain, you’ll be able to obtain a residency authorization, if requested within 60 days prior to its expiration. At that moment, you’ll still have to comply with the requirements of the initial application.

– Subsequent residence permits will be valid for a maximum of three years and may be renewed for additional periods of two years, provided that the conditions for their granting are maintained. After 5 years, you’ll be eligible to obtain permanent residency.


– You can apply directly to the residency authorization straight away if you are legally in Spain.

FAQ's: Digital Nomads Spain

– Would I be eligible to work for a Spanish company while on my digital nomad visa?

Under the digital nomads visa or residence permit, you can work (as an employee) for companies located outside Spain. In case you’re working as an entrepreneur/self-employed (not an employee) you will be allowed to work for companies located in Spain as long as the activity for national companies does not exceed 20% of your total activity.

– How much income do I have to accredit to be elegible?
  • For the main applicant: 2,646/ month (equivalent to 200% of the minimum wage “SMI” in Spain).
  • Family units that include two people, including the main applicant: at least additional 926.10  (equivalent to 75% of the SMI.) 
  • A 25% of the SMI (€ 330.75) will be required for each additional family member.

** These amounts can be demonstrated with the employment contract, payrolls, certificates from the company that allows the work from Spanish territory, etc.

– Which family members can be included in the application?

The following family members can be included in the digital nomads visa application:

  • The spouse
  • A person with an analogous relationship of affectivity
  • Minor or adult children who, depending economically on the holder, have not constituted a family unit by themselves.
  • Dependent ascendants
– Can family members also apply for remote work authorization?

Yes, family members who meet or accompany the main applicant can request, jointly and simultaneously or successively, the authorization and, if necessary, the visa.

– How long can the applicant be  outside of Spanish territory to maintain the residency permit?

You can be out of the national territory for a maximum of six months per calendar year in order to maintain the requirements to obtain the authorization.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your remote work journey and explore all that Spain has to offer, the digital nomads visa may be just what you need. 

Contact us today to learn more & start your application process!