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Real Estate Consultancy


First of all, you need to be clear about the reason for your investment. Our real estate consultancy varies depending on whether it is an investment for use and enjoyment or an investment for profitability.

Our real estate consulting services are focused on a detailed analysis of the viability and profitability of the investment.

What services are included in real estate consultancy?


First of all, we make a study of the location of the property. We take into account aspects such as proximity to public services, transportation, leisure, etc.


Next, we calculate the yield that the property can give you, taking into consideration parameters such as costs, expenses, and market prices.


Depending on the activity, if you want to carry out any economic activity on the property, we examine if the planned activity can be carried out on the property, the necessary licenses, etc.

Taxes & Expenses

Each region applies its own tax rate, so the costs you will have depend on the area where you invest.

Form of Investment

We also analyze in which cases it is convenient to invest as an individual or as a legal entity.

Condition of the property

You have to check the physical condition of the property before buying it. In this way, you will avoid problems such as having to face reforms that affect the expected profitability.

At Luxton, we have a wide network of professionals who can come and assess the condition of the property prior to purchase.

Credit worthiness

We evaluate the Spanish mortgage market and we inform you if it is convenient for you to ask for a loan to face the investment.

In this sense, depending on the interest rates and market conditions, it can benefit the investment.


We provide an insight into buyer trends.

Specialized consultancy

Our consultancy offers a guarantor model. We minimize contingencies that may arise.

With our real estate consultancy you will ensure:

– Optimising, structuring and aligning the pre-investment idea
– Strategic investments
– Assistance in identifying a suitable location
– Emerge the sceneries which could happen
– Development consulting
– Profitability


At Luxton Legal we have a wide network of collaborators to carry out real estate consulting services. In this regard, the advice may include:

A commercial supervision
Technical supervision
Financial supervision
A legal supervision

With our real estate consulting services, you can optimize your resources and maximize your investment. We advise on commercial and real estate development projects from start to finish.


564.569 home sales

In 2021 as a whole, 564,569 home sales and purchases were recorded, the highest level in the last fourteen years.

12,61% Foreign Demand

Foreign demand for housing accounted for 12.61% of total sales and purchases in the last quarter of 2021.

Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante & valencia

The provinces with the highest number of sales and purchases during 2021 were Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, and Valencia.


By nationality, the foreigners who invest the most in Spain are from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden.

More services-


We can arrange an independent valuation of the property should you need to verify the market value of the Property.


We have a wide network of contacts throughout Spain of experts who can visit the property to assess its state.


If you are considering financing part of the purchase, we can put you in contact with different banks and mortgage brokers so that they can analyse the feasibility of providing you with financing.