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Energy efficiency certificate 🌱💡

Energy efficiency certificate in Spain🚦

In Spain, any owner who wants to rent or buy/sell a property must have an energy efficiency certificate.

Since 2013, it’s compulsory having this document, but do we really know what the energy certificate is and why it’s needed?

What is the energy efficiency certificate?

The energy certificate or CEE of a property is an informative document required for renting or selling a property. It includes the energy efficiency and consumption rating of a building or a house, offices, etc., procedural information, a description of the energy characteristics, and recommendations for feasible improvements. The energy certificate reflects the energy demand of the property under occupancy conditions considering ventilation, lighting, heating/cooling, and hot water systems.

This requirement was made official through the entry into force of Law 8/2013 of June 26. It established the energy certificate of the dwelling as indispensable for the sale of any property. (Either in cash or through mortgages and for its rental as well.)

This is a measure implemented in the European Union that shows the energy consumption of the property in relation to electricity, gas, and other associated services. In addition, it’s very useful for future owners or tenants of a property as it gives them a reference of the approximate cost associated with the services.

How does it work?

The purpose of this certificate is to make homes in Spain as energy efficient as possible. The document contemplates all the aspects of the house to evaluate and qualify it to, later, obtain that energy label. It details all the data collected using a scale, which can range from level A to G. Being A the most efficient, and G the least efficient.

Also, it includes a series of colors to identify these levels:

Energy efficiency rating

–    A corresponds to the darkest green (best) and

–    G corresponds to red (worst)

The label gives details of the energy consumption of the property in relation to electricity, gas, and other associated services.

The result of the energy rating of a house does not entail any type of consequence since it is an informative and non-binding document. However, not having this energy certificate, is an infraction. Fines will range between 300 and 600 euros.

How to obtain the energy certificate?

To obtain it, you must make a formal request, contacting a company or architect, engineer, or authorized technician. It’ll be up to you to decide who performs it, knowing that each company or technician can charge a fee. The service is not regulated by any institution. Once you chose that option, the technician will have to gather information about the house. (walls, windows, air conditioning, heating, orientation, and size, among others).

When this process is finished, the technician will make the calculations that define the energy rating of the property.

In the processing of the energy certificate, the last step is to take it to the registry. It is an obligation of the owner, but in some autonomous communities, it is done by the technician.

This certificate will have to be taken to the competent body according to the autonomous community for registration.

In the end, we will obtain the issuance of the official energy label, with our energy certificate rating and its corresponding letter, in addition to the kilos of CO2 emitted and the energy demand.

The person who buys or rents the house will be able to request this energy certificate and make a more informed decision according to the label of the house.

How much does it cost to obtain the energy efficiency certificate?

The price for energy certification varies depending on the type of property, its size, and location. There may even be certain ways to reduce the price, for example, if the plans of the house are given to the certifying technician.

Therefore, it is advisable to request a previous budget, compare prices, always verify that it is a specialist technician, and choose the offer that best suits what is needed.

At Luxton we have a network of experts that will help you with this process efficiently and quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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